Friday, December 28, 2007

Go Spurs Go!

Animesh is taking Priya and Deven to a Spurs game tonight. The kids are beyond excited. And, so is Animesh.

We had season tickets to the Spurs before we had kids...ya know...back in the good ole' days when the games were at the Dome and you could go do something FUN before or afterwards like walk on the river, eat at fun restaurants, etc.

So, after years of putting the games on hold, Animesh broke down this year and bought ONE season ticket. Yep, just one. He goes most of the time...and has made friends with the little old ladies who have proved to be more rabid fans than Animesh. In fact, one of them has no problem jumping up out of her seat after a bad call and screaming to the refs, "Do you need GLASSES?!" I've been to a game twice. It takes a lot of persuasion on Animesh's part, not because I sit alone (our seats are just 2 rows in front of my parents'), but because it is soooo way past my bedtime. Oh, yes, I am such a party animal.

Anyhoo, today Animesh scored 2 more tickets that happen to be located right next to our ONE seat. So, the kids are going. Hope Daddy realizes there won't be much game-watching. It'll be all about the popcorn, the Fan Fare upstairs where the games are, and what special souvenir they'll be bringing home. Especially one for Trevor, who is the odd man out tonight. He's stuck at home with Mommy. Partying in our jammies. My fave kind of evening. I might even squeeze in a bubble bath later on.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Snapshots

The 3 little Indians spent Christmas Eve organizing packages under the tree and reading the tags to see which ones were for them. They were so patient and didn't ask to open any of them...unlike their mother at that age.

Sprinkling the magic reindeer food on the lawn Christmas Eve. We also got a huge kick out of tracking Santa online (Norad tracks Santa). As luck would have it, at 11:42 when we checked...Santa was in San Antonio!

As is our tradition, we all wore our matching Mickey Christmas jammies Christmas Eve.

All 3 love the scooters Santa brought. I had to dodge the boys all morning long as they tried to take me out doing daredevil stunts.

For a year now Deven has been asking for a Koala Brothers costume (don't ask me why). Since the show isn't on Playhouse Disney anymore...well...they were a steal online. Greatest bargain I found at $5 a piece. Cost less than the shipping.

Watching the Disney World Christmas Parade in Priya's new pappasan chair.

Thanks to the "Ratatouille" movie, Deven now wants to go to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower. Hopefully, this wooden Eiffel Tower puzzle he unwrapped will buy us a few years.

Our Christmas wouldn't be complete without an illness in the family. Lucky for us, we all had (still have) the sniffles and coughs...but Trevor was the sickest and in need of regular breathing treatments. Only on Priya's lap, of course.

Christmas afternoon at my mom tends to buy in themes. This year, Priya's was American Girl/accessories, Deven got dinosaurs galore, and Trevor has more puppies than were in 101 Dalmations--including this life-sized dog he named after our own beagle, Spridle.

Couldn't get those boys to be serious or stand still. What jokesters.

Christmas Day found my father suffering through day #3 of the horrible flu. I knew Dad was really sick when I ordered him to go lay down and rest...and he actually obeyed me. As a result, Animesh got turkey-carving duty...which pleased him just fine (ya know...a surgeon has a THING for knives...). I cracked up when Animesh asked for a stool to reach the bird.

My mom was fully aware that the 3 little Indians would have nothing to do with any of the Christmas feast, so she prepared a gourmet meal tailored to their finicky tastes--Kraft Mac-n-Cheese and McDonald's Chicken Nuggets. Spoiled, I know.

We're headed to Dallas soon to ring in the New Year. Have a fun and safe celebration!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I'm so thankful to all of you who have expressed to me how much fun you have visiting my little corner of the internet world. While you may not leave comments--it's those personal emails of encouragement and love that mean so much.

Peace to you all, my friends!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Celebrating the Season

The hectic week of Christmas parties is now behind me. I feel like everywhere I went last week I was rushing to get there on time. Priya's Christmas party was fun...but there are no pics to share as I was runnin' the whole thing (yes, I'm a solo room parent...) and I was too busy orchestrating the crafts and helping the teacher manage a room full of kindergarteners on a sugar high.

On the boys' party day I hopped back and forth in between their classrooms. When I went to Trevor's party he said he wanted to "leave now." According to his teachers, Trevor was enjoying himself before I arrived, but when he saw me he decided he was having the worst time ever.

Trevor had much more fun when we hopped back over to Deven's party. Guess Trevor preferred the pizza & cupcakes to the chicken nuggets & cookies. Picky, picky, picky.

The boys' Christmas program was quite a production. Deven's class entered and stood on a riser, but I truly thought he was going to teeter off it as he sang with such exuberance and enthusiasm. He's been practicing his songs for days. He's a perfectionist that way.

Trevor did a GREAT job...singing and doing the hand motions to the songs without crying. He looked so cute on stage--in spite of his big, black goose egg on his forehead that bruised all the way down underneath his eye. Poor guy.

In addition to the school festivities, my sister and her family visited us from Idaho last week. It was so cool to watch the cousins play and interact with each if no time had passed since they last saw one another.

Sydney is a girly-girl with her matching outfits and bows, but she can really hold her own with those boys.

The cousins took in a Christmas show at the Steven Stoli Playhouse. Santa and company were quite entertaining. Poor Sydney caught a stomach bug and couldn't join us, but Noah loved it.

Santa invited us to take pics with him after the show. The guy really gets around. Just 2 hours later we saw him at Starbucks greeting caffeine-addicted shoppers.

After Christmas things aren't looking too promising as far as taking it easy. We've got a road trip home from Dallas, a baby shower to host, and Deven's surgery to get through. And, that's all in the first week of January!

Better keep up that exercising, get some rest, and start drinking some serious Red Bull. Looks like 2008 is going to start off with a bang.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I, Jennifer, being of sound mind and body (on occasion), vow to never, ever, EVER take a kick-boxing class and a spinning class on consecutive days after not having worked out in 2 months. Ever.

I also vow to drag Angelia to a yoga class as soon as possible.

Hope I'm able to get out of bed in the morning.

Countdown to Christmas

The crazy week has begun. It's that last week before the holiday break...a week filled with kids' Christmas parties, Christmas programs, last minute shopping, last minute wrapping, a "to do" list longer than my cute little stationary piece of paper, and countless little ends to tie up. I'm pooped. I know I'm not alone, am I?

When I think of my constant state of busy-ness, I have been trying to determine what I could possible eliminate to reduce the hurriedness and rushing around that I have been doing. Some of it I bring on myself, some of it has to do with having 3 little Indians, but most of it has to do with doing things I enjoy and doing things for others...both of which make my heart smile.

So, it is during this obscenely crazy week that I am trying to step up my work-out regimen. Angelia and I kicked some serious booty at the kick-boxing class yesterday, and it was FUN! Never mind that we both can't walk today...I've determined that this exercise stuff is a necessary component in my quest for sanity--and I might even drop a few pounds in the process. Spinning class is tomorrow I might officially be bed bound.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Blast from the Past

I have been looking forward to today all week. This morning Priya and I went to a ROLLER SKATING PARTY! Not to brag, but I was quite the skater back in the day, zipping around the rink fast enough to make my Farrah Faucet hair whip luxuriously in the breeze. I think my friends and I were at the rink every weekend in Middle School. What made today's skating adventure even better was that the party was at the exact same rink I grew up skating at! And, no, it hadn't changed a bit...right down to the rank smell of feet and the old, OLD, OLD! carpet. The cartoon characters on the wall were even the same, although they had been "brightened" with some fresh paint. It was a total blast, and Priya insisted on doing most of it herself...holding on for dear life to the wall...but independent nonetheless. She can't wait to go back.

I love this look Priya shoots me when she's about to fall. She hung to the wall for most of the time, but she was totally independent on the carpet where she declared that she was "getting really good at skating!"

Priya and Brooke were such sports when their moms kept taking picture after picture of them. Priya informed me later that her "cheeks hurt" from smiling so big.

My poor little point-and-shoot doesn't capture the true gaudiness of it all, but these lights and decorations were truly Griswald-worthy. The kids loved them.

Roller skating is kinda like riding a bicycle. Not in the sense of how easy it is to pick it up when you haven't done it in awhile...but in the sense that if you fall doing either one, well, it really HURTS!

This smile melts my heart. And, she flashed it after she'd just fallen for the umpteenth time. I was so impressed with her "if you fall down just brush yourself off and get back up again" tenacity.

So even after the multiple spills and attempts to sprain or break her wrists, Priya cannot stop talking about her first time roller-skating. She had such a great time...and I was transported back to the carefree days when all that mattered was what color the pom-poms were on your skates and which boy asked you to "slow skate" with him. Nothing like a little Lionel Richie singing "3 Times a Lady" to spark some 7th grade romance.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Downward Facing Dog

I woke up today pretty psyched. First of all, Animesh took all 3 kids to school today. I had to stay home and wait for a repair man, who actually SHOWED UP ON TIME. Then, I I had plans to sweat my heart out at the new gym that opened last week. This was to be my first class...a kick boxing one at that...and I LOVE KICK BOXING! There's something about punching and kicking air while sweating to some heart-pounding music. My workouts need to be high intensity and high energy. No boring yoga for me.

I arrived (miraculously) a few minutes early to the spankin' new gym. I even managed to figure out how to get the key out of the locker after placing my stuff in it. Bottled water in hand, I took the stairs 2 at a time up to the workout area. My energy level was soaring by this point. I had already gotten 8 HOURS OF SLEEP last night, so I was ready. I was feelin' strong. I am me ROAR!

As I sat outside the classroom waiting for the previous class to end, I stretched. I did some deep breathing. I kept checking the clock. Why was the room so dark? Five minutes into what was supposed to be my glorious kick boxing class, I re-checked the schedule. To my complete dismay, I had misread the schedule--oh, what a surprise. Kick boxing was yesterday. YOGA was today.

My options ran through my head like a flash of lightning. I HATE YOGA! My friend, Angelia, and I had just agreed yesterday how much we dislike yoga. No boring yoga for us!!!!! Give us step! Give us kick boxing! Give us boot camp! BUT NO YOGA!

Already dressed and peering into the class like a peeping tom, I figured I better take some action. I took a deep breath and walked into the class. I quietly grabbed a mat and a spot in the back of the room, closed my eyes, and then began forming poses as the instructor demonstrated. Amazingly (and against my will), I found myself gettin' into this yoga thing. I started to ENJOY myself! For starters, there was none of that "OMMMM" chanting music that makes me want to lay down and take a snooze. The teacher had compiled a slower mix of BEATLES songs! How could I not enjoy Downward Facing Dog while listening to "All You Need Is Love?"

The instructor kept repeating over and over how we must "respect and honor our boundaries" while performing our moves...meaning that we must not do any poses that might cause injury or pain. I can't speak for everyone, but that can surely apply to ALL aspects of my life.

When the class was over, she said that if we didn't feel stronger, more relaxed, and more at peace than we did before the class, we should come see her so we could get to the root of any other problems or issues. Wow...a yoga instructor AND counseling all in the same hour. Oddly enough, I DID feel stronger, more relaxed, and more peaceful. Am I admitting that I actually like yoga? Angelia, I'm gonna get you into a yoga class--someway, somehow. :)

After a yummy salmon/pesto baquette on wheat in the gym's cafe (only 360 calories, thank you very much!), I sashayed my peaceful self over to the spa to make an appointment for a massage next week. Hot diggity dog...they were offering a 25% discount TODAY, and there was an opening at that exact moment. I blew off the oil change I was supposed to be getting, and minutes later I found myself drifting in and out of conscienceness, feeling my tension balls rubbed out by a fabulous young thing who has only been massaging since September.

As I drove in silence to pick up the kids at school (praying fervently that my engine wouldn't burn up due to lack of oil), I relished in the day and how wonderful it was to take care of me. I realized just how crucial it is for our well-being and the well-being of those we love. As women we tend to put ourselves on the back burner...especially if we've got kids demanding everything we have to give. But, when the tank is empty...what do we have to offer? Nada, zilch, zip, nothing.

So, feeling replenished and more at peace with myself, I do believe I will make "taking care of me" more of a priority. I owe it to myself and to those who know and love me.

We are women, hear us roar.

I bow to you. Namaste.

Monday, December 10, 2007

We Wish You a Stress-free Christmas!

I have absolutely no business being at the computer blogging right now. There are lunches to be made, laundry to be put away, Christmas cards to complete, guitar music to be practiced, and shut-eye to be had. But, I figure if I ever actually caught up on all that I need to get caught up on, you'd hear from me, oh, say, about St. Patrick's Day.

This weekend Priya and I went to a girly-girl birthday party for one of her friends. She and Daniela go way back (ya know, since they were 3!). Priya and Daniela haven't gone to school together for 2 years now, but it's still so cute to watch them when they see one though no time has passed since they were newly potty-trained preschoolers...clinging to one another since they were the only girls in their classes at the time.

The celebration was at Justice for Girls...and Priya had a blast.

Each princess got their hair and nails done...and they got to choose their own goodie bag to take home. Feather boa and glittery headband already included.

Cutie patootie shows off her subtle & tasteful make-up.

Totally cute...they've got Hannah Montana running continously while the girls get made up. Priya was in heaven.

The finished product. Just a glimpse of what our baby girl will look like when she's all grown up.

Mickey and Peter kept busy in our absence. Daddy took good care of them.

Whenever I get totally freaked and stressed (like I am right now as my to-do list grows during the holiday season), all I need to do is take a look at my dogs' lives. They just lay around, old, lazy, and carefree. I love that they don't have a care in the world and that the love they give us is completely and utterly unconditional. As far as I'm concerned, we can all learn a lot from our pets.

This is Spridle...a name Animesh came up with after watching one too many "Speedracer" cartoons. Spridle was the name of Speedracer's mischievous little brother. Hence, the name of our (firstborn) pet. We got Spridle one month after we got married. He's hyper and from Ohio. We don't hold it against him, though. Priya still says to me, "Spridle is my big brother, right?"

Here's our little Kirby. Kirby-Derby has congestive heart failure, and for awhile back in May we thought we'd have to make a pretty tough decision regarding his future. He's a stubborn one, though, like the rest of his family, and he's hanging on.

To make matters even more complicated...our kids were all skin-tested for allergies last week. They are all allergic to dogs. ESPECIALLY PRIYA! However, the doc told us that with medication Priya should be fine, as long as the pups don't snooze with her or go in her room, which they don't.

No wonder she's been wheezing & coughing since birth. Add this to the forever-lengthening list of mother guilts.

Maybe I can make it up to her at the roller rink when I teach her how to skate on Saturday. We're going to a skating party--and I think I am more excited than Priya is.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Laughed Until I Cried

Ok, this has to be one of the FUNNIEST videos I have ever seen. I have watched it 5 times this morning already...they were apparently on the Today Show this morning doing an interview and have already been on the Ellen show. I wish I had thought of this when we got married.

And, they perform my all-time fave dance move--THE SPRINKLER! THEY ROCK!!!!!!!

Thanks, Suzanne, for sending this my way. You totally made my day.

Still wiping the tears away.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tag! I'm IT!

Okay, so I've been tagged for a meme. Whatever that is. I had to look it up in the dictionary (once I finally FOUND the silly thing). Guess what? Meme isn't IN the dictionary! Holy guacamole. Thank goodness the rules were sent to me by lovely Melody (the one who tagged me).

Here's what you gotta do:

1. Link to the buddy who tagged you.
2. Post the rules.
3. Share 7 random, ever-so-intersting facts about yourself.
4. "Tag" 7 other people at the end and include links to their blog.
5. Let each person know you tagged them (in a private, intimate, personal email).

Okay. Here goes.

1. My first year of college I was in ROTC, the marching band, and nursing school--all at the same time. I had three different uniforms I had to wear on the correct days at the correct times. I was attached to my iron and ironing board. And, I failed every single ROTC inspection. Fly-away hairs were the culprit. I refused to chop off my locks.

2. I have been to India and seen the Taj Mahal. Not when I was young, single, and carefree. I went when I was in my 30s and married. With a 2 year old and a 6 month old. The trip is all a blur. Thank goodness for the 11 rolls of film I took to document I was actually there. Because I don't remember the trip. No, I was not digital back in 2003. Shame on me.

3. My original plan when I went to college was to become a teacher. My dad told me there was no money in teaching. I chose nursing because it sounded good. No, really.

4. I was a rocker in the 7th grade. Still am to a point. Def Leppard was...and still cool.

5. I am not really a blonde (did I hear gasps of disbelief rippling across the internet?).

6. I am totally, utterly, and completely addicted to Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. I have seen almost every episode 2 or more times. TBS has reruns almost nightly. I am in love with Mariska Hargitay. Who wouldn't love a girl with a name like that? She is, to me, one of the most talented and beautiful actresses around. And, Chris Meloni (aka Elliott Stabler) totally rocks. Especially with Julia Roberts in "Runaway Bride."

7. Melody and I went to high school together. But didn't know each other. Her husband and my husband are good friends since med school (MANY years ago). Melody and I didn't meet till our husbands introduced us. Funny.

Okey dokey, I tag Texas to Tulsa, Haddad Family, Vanessa, Jeanne, & my sis, Kristin. That's only 5, but Melody took almost all the bloggers I know. Those of you without blogs...just leave your 7 facts in my comment section. I could use some interesting reading material. Because I have so much spare time on my hands.

So, what is a "meme" anyway?!

Monday, December 3, 2007

You Can't Catch Me...

...I'm the Gingerbread Man!

Well, Gingerbread House in this case. What a way to wrap up our festive weekend. Our friends/soon-to-be-neighbors invited us to an intimate decorating party at one of Boerne's quaintest (& yummiest) establishments, Bear Moon Bakery. How great it was for the kids to have all the fixins for a pretty, tasty gingerbread house at their fingertips. A super fun time was had by all.

Priya really got into it. This decorating stuff is right up her alley.

Deven concentrated hard for awhile...and got pretty creative.

Trevor was more interested in taste-testing than building & decorating.

He didn't even try to look guilty while eating half of his building materials.

May we all find time amidst the December busy-ness to:

Yes, Melody, we must make this a yearly tradition. Thanks for having us join you. Loving the special memories our children are making with one another.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Holiday Parade

Last night our family, along with Melody, Dawn, and their families, took in the Boerne Holiday Parade in, you guessed it, the rockin' town of Boerne. It was small town fun and great weather (a balmy 72 degrees). Lots of lights, animals, and candy to keep little ones entertained.

Dawn's handsome little man, Jackson, Melody's pretty angels, and my adorable Indians wait patiently for the parade to start. They were all so good and so EXCITED!

Totally classic faces from Melody's beauties and my Indian princess.

No parade is complete without a marching band (spoken like the true band geek I am). Boerne High School's band even competed in the state marching competition a few weeks ago. AND, there's just something about a band that has a female drum major (spoken like a former drum major). To quote my son, "Totally awesome, dude!"

Priya couldn't get enough of Dawn's cutie, Harrison. Sorry, Priya. This womb is closed for business.

Kinda grainy picture but you get the idea. A Texas parade isn't complete without the longhorn.

So, we waited in line to see Santa, and I start snappin' away while Animesh convinces Trevor to sit on Santa's lap. Then, the lady runnin' the show inside the gazebo informs me (rather nastily) that I can't take my own pictures unless I plan to BUY THEIRS! Oops. We high-tailed it outta there before she demanded I delete the shots I took.

And, you gotta read Maile's post about the Botox Santa. I cannot believe they hire these totally young guys to play the role. Too funny.