Monday, June 28, 2010

Fabulous Five

Happy Birthday to my youngest. My baby. He turns 5 today...I just cannot believe it. Summer has been chock-filled with fun stuff, and we've been busier than I'd hoped. But I had to stop in and wish Trevor a happy birthday. It sure is a wonderful world with you in it, sweetheart. We all love you to the moon and back.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Career Day-Memorial Day-Graduation Day.....OH MY!

I must admit my mind has been on summer vacay for about 3 weeks now. My heart just hasn't been into the lunch-making/early-rising/schedule-maintaining. But, I needed to persevere because there were a lot of activities to push through in order to get to today. The last day of school!

Here are some highlights........

Career Day. Animesh did a great job explaining to Deven's first grade class and the ENTIRE second grade class what fun it is being an orthopedic surgeon. Bony Ben came from Oriental Trading Company. Initially Animesh hesitated before dragging his blow-up buddy inside the school, but when I reminded him how much he actually referred to Bony Ben during the presentation, he was grateful for my purchase. We'll see if he makes it to next year.

After Career Day I met friends for lunch. Bony Ben was still in the back seat....they reminded me I should have him buckled up for safety. I laugh every time I see this picture.

Next was our Memorial Day Weekend get-away to the coast. Can I just tell you how much I LOVE the beach? Especially when the trip includes some of the MOST amazing friends, delicious food, and tasty wine. What a fun weekend it was.

What a fun surprise it was to go out on the boat and look for dolphins. We loved it when the boat sped fast across the ocean.

Two dolphins swam right next to our very cool.

If it weren't for this next event, we would've stayed at the beach and not returned for the seemingly unimportant last few days of school. But. We couldn't miss this. Trevor's preschool graduation. He sang his little heart out...and wore his hat proudly. Can't believe he's on his way to Kindergarten in August.

After graduation we hustled over to the 2nd grade luau...made completely muddy by some "Maui Showers"...but boy, did those kiddos have fun. Trevor included, who always seems to capitalize on his siblings' class party fun.

Deven's class didn't need any parental participation, so Trevor and headed out for lunch to celebrate our last few hours together alone. I'm aware that our one-on-one time will be less frequent since he won't be home on Mondays and Fridays...makes me a little sad.

For now, though, we're ready for fun in the sun, poolside partying, and NO LUNCH-BOX-PACKING!

See you around the pool.................