Sunday, May 23, 2010

Seeing Clearly

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was nearing the end of second grade. I was having trouble seeing. Mom took me to the eye doctor.

Diagnosis? Eyeglasses.

Dorky ones at that. And, the day after Mom sent me back to school with my new glasses, I was promptly kicked in the face during a kick-ball event at Field Day. How did my new glasses fare? Broke into 2 pieces.

Fast forward 32 years. I'm now the mother of a second-grader-turned-almost-third-grader. My child is sent to the nurse's office after she complains that she can't see the board. We visit the eye doctor. Diagnosis?


Lucky for Priya eyeglasses are in style nowadays. When I was in second grade glasses in style so much.

But, Priya? Well, maybe I'm prejudice. But, I think she looks precious. And the fact that she's following in her mama's footsteps at the exact same age is...well...heart-warming.

Even if it does involve diminishing eyesight. :-)

So glad you can see clearly now, sweetheart.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Austin City Limits

I have always loved Austin. Lately I've only visited Austin to participate in triathlons, though, so when it came time to celebrate Vanessa's 40th it was only natural that my high school peeps and I had travel to Austin to visit her and her family in their new digs.

Last Labor Day weekend I rode the bike portion of the Austin Triathlon down South Congress. I just love this picture with the capital in the background.

Last Friday in honor of Vanessa's 40th, Dawn, Page, Vanessa, and I were able to experience the newly transformed South Congress Street ("So Co" as it is now referred to---so hip...) in a more relaxed manner. Great fun. Especially with friends I've known for over 20 years.

Mexican food for lunch.....

Loved this guitar inside the restaurant. Thanks, Dawn, for making me take a picture with it. :-)

....and delicious cupcakes for dessert....this place has been featured on Food Network several times.

Austin is known for its "airstream trailer" cool.

We finished off our day with drinks and a gorgeous cheese & fruit platter at this fantastic bar inside an amazing hotel.

Just as I received for my 40th...."the box" was bequeathed to Vanessa with her gifts inside it...Dawn, you're next. :-)

Happy birthday, Vanessa. Welcome to the 40 club.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Eight and a half years ago my life changed forever....because eight and a half years ago I became a mom.

No one really prepares you for motherhood. Sure, people tried to prepare me. There were the overly generous baby showers thrown in honor of each of my three children. There were the helpful books suggested to me for captivating reading. There were the well-intended tidbits of parenting advice offered here and there.

But no one and no thing can ever truly prepare you for motherhood. For some it begins with feeling that life growing inside their body. For others the child joins their family when another mom has made the difficult decision to let that child go. Either way, no matter what conversations may have been had previously, I don't believe any woman can fully comprehend the vast range of emotions, the intense level of protectiveness, the unbelievable extent of exhaustion, or the unimaginable depth of love that encompasses motherhood.

But there is nothing more precious to me here on earth than these children.

Hope your Mother's Day was as special as mine was.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


He is:

-our first-born son
-our middle child
-incredibly quick-witted
-able to make the funniest faces
-a huge fan of his sister
-a best friend to his brother
-a mama's boy
-a picky eater
-a creature of habit
-a perfectionist
-a huge sports fan
-a wonderful cuddler
-the child most likely to tell me he loves me
(without prompting)
-relatively easy to please
-one of the biggest blessings
we've ever received.

Happy "Cinco de Mayo" 7th birthday, Deven.
We love you to the moon and back.