Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Reflections

I took this picture the other night...captivated by the reflection of the tree in the window.  I loved the imagery...especially since I've been so reflective lately.

This time of year can be so magical.  The children's excitement and wonder are contagious.  The decorations and lights remind us of this special month.  The reason for the season can inspire us to grow closer with God and journey further into relationship with Him.  But for some, this time of year can be hard.  Really hard. 

The last few days my mind has been filled with thoughts and prayers for friends who, during this holiday season, are struggling in relationships, praying loved ones through surgeries and illnesses, and mourning the loss of loved ones or the loss of relationships that once brought them joy.

And, if all of that isn't enough,  a tragedy occurred yesterday...something so incredibly sad that caused me to pause in the middle of my crazy, running-out-of-control day to hug my children a little tighter and to tell my husband just how much I love him and appreciate him.

The tragedy didn't affect our family directly.  But it was someone Animesh and I both knew.  And the story that surrounds this situation is heart-breaking.  Out of respect for this family I won't share details.  Let's just say that it is so very, very sad.

I write all of this not to be a "debbie-downer" at Christmastime but out of my belief that we experience difficulties and tragedies occur for reasons we may or may not understand on earth.  Personally, I believe that God has opened my eyes to these situations in order that I may cling to Him more tightly and worship Him more as I stand firm in my belief that He is the One True God who reigns over all the earth....even during difficult times.

Emmanuel.  God is with us.  No matter what.

And THAT is a Christmas message to be joyful about.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

12 Days of Christmas

It's party day today...and one last 1/2 day tomorrow before the break.

And we're ready for the holidays...complete with mild, comfortable
Yes, Christmastime in Texas suits me just fine.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmastime in Texas

My favorite lines in the song:
"There may not be snow...
in San Antonio...
but it's a Texas Christmas
to me!"

Monday, December 6, 2010

It was a....

....hot chocolate drinking....

....gingerbread house making....

....Christmas parade float riding kind of weekend.

Loved it all.  But I'm now ready to
get some things accomplished.

And since I'm thinking I might be tied up for a bit...
it might be awhile till I post on the ole' blog.

Meanwhile, you can visit me here if you'd like.  
Since they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Who is "they," anyway?

I discovered Posterous awhile back.
It just took me awhile to figure it all out.
It's so easy!
And it's a fun way to post via my phone.....
Which is handy for me since I'm almost never home.

Speaking of never being home...
it's time for me to jet off again.
The to-do list is long.
But, as my friend's husband reminded her
when she was stressed about her to-do list....
it's all fun stuff!
Good stuff!
Festive stuff!
I just need to take a deep breath...slowly...
and remember that it'll all get done.