Friday, August 27, 2010

Soak Up The Sun

It's been a long week. The first week of school was tough on us all---at least in the exhaustion category. Three little Indians are tired. I am tired. Animesh is out of town this weekend, so it would have been an even longer week...but my inlaws just called to tell me they're almost here. They are hanging with the kids tomorrow night so that I can head to Austin.

To see two of my all-time faves in concert.

I. Love. Sheryl Crow. Having been a guitar student for, oh, about four years now...I have a new-found appreciation and admiration for Sheryl and her songwriting gifts...especially since she's a chick. I have so many favorite songs of hers that I cannot pick just one. But, way up there is "The First Cut is the Deepest." And "Soak Up the Sun."

Colbie Caillat burst onto the scene years later, but "Begin Again" is one of those I know by heart and could listen to over and over and over. BUT! Only the iTunes Session version of the song. Showcasing the guitar, of course. Again...a guitar-playing chick.

I cannot wait!!!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

And then there were none... home during the school year, that is. Today the last little Indian spread his wings and flew off to the big, bad world of elementary school. He was ready. I was ready. At least I thought I was ready. The other little Indians were definitely ready to start school again. And they had so much fun preparing their baby brother for the big day.

Priya and Deven partner-read "The Night Before Kindergarten" to Trevor. Note the tears in Trevor's eyes. Yes, we still discipline when necessary...even if it IS the night before Kindergarten.

Tears are all dried up and Trevor poses happily with his sibs.

For some reason this melted my heart. Deven had his clothes, shoes, socks, and undies all set to go for this morning. He was really excited.

My routine...laying out the lunch boxes and preparing as much as possible the night before. Can someone tell me why having to make lunches drives me so crazy? I'd rather iron. Or fold laundry. Or clean toilets.

Last week Deven's teacher sent home a bag to be opened on the morning of school. It was the most precious "2nd Grade Survival Kit." He got a huge kick out of this.

Priya repeatedly mumbled, "I didn't get one of those in 2nd grade."

3rd grader.

2nd grader.
Note the cocked-head pose
and hand-on-the-hip.
I didn't even have to request that.

And the Kindergartner.
Where has the time gone????

In front of the school.

After school the reports were mostly positive. Priya said 3rd grade was awesome. Trevor said Kindergarten rocked. Deven initially reported that he loved 2nd grade....but at bedtime he expressed his desire to be home-schooled because he missed me.


I believe we'll all need a period of adjustment. Deven included. And myself. Like I mentioned earlier, I thought I would be fine sending my baby to Kinder, but truth be told...all day long I was fighting back tears. I am deeply grateful for my 2 friends who kept me busy today so that I would be distracted enough to not dwell on the fact that I've entered into "Empty Nest Syndrome: Phase 1."

My sadness has subsided a bit now, and I'm looking forward to all the excitement this school year holds for the kids---and for their mommy and the new-found freedom she's not experienced in 9 years.

Unless I end up home-schooling Deven.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Savoring Summer

Our summer was probably the busiest we've had as a family to date. Our Hawaii / Dallas trip, a beach vacay, and the California trip.

Oh...that California trip!!!!!

Animesh and I had a blast....celebrating our friends of 15 years (Kyriacos turned 50). He and Kiley used to live in San Antonio...where we met. Then they were in Houston for several years before moving to Cali. Kyriacos had NO IDEA so many of his former students and friends were traveling from Texas just for him.

Animesh met Kyriacos when Animesh was a medical student...MANY years ago. Kyriacos is a Biomechanical Engineering Animesh did some research in that field as it relates to Orthopedics. I met his wife Kiley through our husbands...and we became fast friends.

Kiley planned 4 events without Kyriacos having a clue. OK...he probably had a clue after the 2nd or 3rd party, but he never let on. Here are the students with their beloved professor at a breakfast at his home. Yep. Animesh is the oldest student. He's the secret service agent in the picture. : )

This is their backyard...which they've turned into the most beautiful walking path surrounding their INCREDIBLE garden. Apparently this region of California boasts the climate for growing amazing produce. The cool morning temps made it even more enjoyable.

The birthday dinner at their home. Kyriacos is a vegetarian...and the catered meal included some of the most delectable fresh produce I've ever tasted.

Judging by the blurriness of this photo I'm guessing that the photographer was really enjoying some wine that evening.

To all my stamping friends out there...Kiley is the one who is responsible for my massive stamp collection. She introduced me to hand-making cards, etc. I think she has more stamps than me.

The next day we boarded a party bus rented by Kiley. To head to the winery. Fun times.

Beautiful scenery.

Kiley is an amazing lady. She learned to speak Greek when she married Kyriacos (she already speaks French and Spanish), every business venture she's involved in takes off, and now she's started an olive oil press department at the UC-Davis campus where she serves as a director.

This is Kiley explaining the proper way to taste olive oil. Apparently you don't drink it. You SLURP it. It was hilarious to hear all of us in action.

Here we are. Smiling or slurping olive oil? You be the judge.

Wine tasting table at...JACUZZI VINEYARDS. Yep, this is the same Italian family who invented...the Jacuzzi tub.

We were so blessed to be able to spend time with our church friends from..BOERNE! Krista and Darrin moved to Davis, California the same time as Kyriacos and Kiley. We enjoyed a lovely lunch outside with them and their four beautiful daughters. We sure do miss them.

The 3 little Indians and I are home this week...savoring the last few days of out rooms, closets, and basically laying low. We're meeting the teachers Thursday and Friday...and the kids squeal every time the phone rings...awaiting a call from their prospective teachers.

I'm thrilled that they are thrilled. But, I'm a little sad. My baby is flying off to Kinder one week from today, and my heart is aching a bit.

Empty nest syndrome: Round One. Another lesson for mommy in letting go.