Wednesday, January 30, 2008

5 Minutes of Fame

I'm actually bawling as I write this. While it's only Wednesday, I have had such an emotionally roller-coaster week...filled with perfect strangers calling me names, accusing me of being difficult, and ATTITUDES fitting of someone who is truly unhappy with life. The final straw may seem meaningless...when the Sonic chick nearly tore my head off today when she couldn't understand my Diet Cherry Coke order...but it sent me in to a flurry of tears and depression. One of the situations this week has left me utterly drained and terribly sad for reasons I don't wish to get into. But it has driven me to question who I am, what I stand for, and those whom I choose to call "friend."

And, that's a completely depressing state of mind to live in.

So. When I saw this and this...I was so thankful. I was reminded of who I am, how much I love myself and life, and what a great friend & person I am. I'm not tooting my own horn, although I don't believe there's anything the least bit wrong with that. What I'm doing is loving myself for the person I have been in the past, the person I am today, and the person I will be tomorrow--flaws, quirks, and imperfections included. And, I feel certain that those who truly love me will gladly accept them all--to quote my new fave song in the play list...they'll "take me as I am."

So. Can't thank you enough, Maile, for giving me this gift today on a day when I really needed it. You talked about the little moments meaning more than the big. The "in-betweens." That's what I am going to choose to focus on now...those wonderful, heart-swelling, warm-fuzzy in-between moments that grace my life each and every day. Because in the end, that's all that really matters. And, no matter what anyone else may say about me or think of me, I matter, too. As do we all.

Friday, January 25, 2008


**(Tip for the reader: Go to my play list to the right and click on the song "New Soul" while reading this post. It'll cheer you up while I go on and on about the weather. Thanks, Maile).

Like the ole' bumper sticker says, I'm not from Texas, but I got here as fast as I could. Well, thanks to my dad and the Air Force. I love Texas for its big hair, big skies, and big celebrations (Fiesta & Rodeo come to mind). I especially love Texas for the sunshine. John Denver and I agree--"Sunshine on my shoulders makes me HAPPY!"

OK, so for the last 4 or 5 days...this little corner of Tejas has been severely lacking in the sunshine department. I mean dreary skies, rain, COLD temps. I'm all for this kind of cuddle small doses. But, no sunshine for days on end makes this Honorary Indian a VERY GRUMPY WIFE AND MOMMY. Ask Animesh. Ask my kids. They'll tell ya.

Ordinarily I would have just stayed home in my pjs this damp, sun-less morning. But, Animesh worked last night and couldn't do the "Priya drop-off", so I had to drag the boys out of bed and bring them along to take the princess to school. I considered going back home, but, since we were out, and since I was desperate to boost my spirits and get some endorphins pumping through my lethargic veins, I took the boys to the gym. I almost used the San Antonio Rodeo Cowboy Breakfast as an excuse NOT to go to the gym since it was being held in the same shopping center, but I'm glad I didn't because traffic smooth sailing.

After the gym--and since we were out anyway--the boys and I met Priya at school for lunch (which is the whole point of this post anyway).

The boys waited so patiently for their big sister to make her grand entrance.

Deven is pretty psyched to be going to "Priya's school" next year. He was so cute...taking in all the cafeteria action while the kids ate. He listened intently as Priya listed all the cafeteria rules...and was thrilled to hear that pizza was served EVERY Friday. His only complaint was that it wasn't on the menu daily.

Priya was so happy to see her brothers that she even offered to share some of her ice cream.

I'm prayin' every single day that the 3 little Indians stay as close as they are. It just warms my heart to see them love on each other.

Oh, and if you wanna hear a cute little diddy...I was introduced to this light-hearted love song by my guitar teacher, Richard. We figured out the chords, and I've been strumming it (slowly) ever since. It's pretty romantic...I mean, buying Rogaine for your balding love? You might want to play it for someone special on Valentine's Day...or it may make you want to go out and buy a Old Navy, perhaps...recognize it from the commerical?

Happy Weekend!

Monday, January 21, 2008

The World We Live In

Hope you enjoyed the MLK holiday...ours was a damp, cold, dreary day, but a day full of meaning nonetheless. Oddly enough, the district here in Boerne held classes...while the rest of San Antonio and surrounding areas had the day off. So, Animesh came home from work early to watch the boys, and I went to pick up Priya from school. It was nice to not have to drag the boys along, although they are relatively well-behaved when we sit in the long "pick-up" line at Priya's school.

After I picked her up, Priya and I conversed about her day. We drove to HEB for what I had hoped to be a quick grocery trip, but, alas, I was wrong. Between frequent potty trips (my princess has a small bladder) and the unbelievable crowds, our rendezvous took a little longer than expected. Naturally, there were more items in the grocery cart than there would have been had I been shopping alone, but that's what I get for bringing one of the little Indians along. I think I got off pretty easy with a few new toothbrushes and a teeny bopper magazine with H.S. Musical stars on the cover. I swiftly dodged the purchase of a giant Hannah Montana balloon.

It took us pulling into the driveway after our shopping spree for Priya to say, "Oh, Mom, I almost forgot to tell you! We practiced for our lock-up tomorrow." Lock-up, I ask? She goes on to tell me that this is when the entire class holes themselves into their tiny classroom bathroom (teacher included) in case a "bad guy" were to invade their school. They are instructed to be "very quiet and very still" so the bad guy won't know where they are. I asked Priya if she was scared, and she said, "Yeah, we were all kinda scared, but we were all really quiet." It MUST have been kinda scary if it quieted about eighteen 5 & 6-year-olds.

Holy cow. My kindergartener is rehearsing for a lock-up (if this is the correct term for it) at school.

I know where this is originating from...all of those dreadful school shootings I think are so far removed from my little bubble of the world. But it hit me that this is our reality these days, and my little Indians have now been immersed in that reality. It is so mind-boggling scary yet kind of reassuring that the school is preparing for an event of this nature.

Guess I'll hear more about the drill fact, I'll insist upon it. For now, I must remind myself that the world we live in is not how it used to be. Gone are the days of riding our bikes in the 'hood from dawn until dusk. Gone are the days when our children were safe outside in their own driveway. Like it or not, times have changed. And, not necessarily for the better.

So, as I come to terms with the world we live in, all I can do is pray for the safety of my children for the rest of their lives...and protect them the best way I know how. Reality is sometimes a real eye-opening experience. I'm learning that as a mother every single day. And, my kids aren't even teenagers yet.

No doubt this parenting adventure is bound to get more interesting.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Something to Think About

I haven't taken a picture in days. I'm not even sure I KNOW where my camera is...typical for me and my sometimes haphazardly organized life. The days often blur together...rushing from here to there, sometimes with kids, sometimes not. But, you couldn't PAY me enough money to change my life. I live a very full life with a great husband, healthy, loving children, caring friends, social opportunities WITH those friends, a terrific new church home where I am free to worship God, opportunities to be active in my kids' schools, a new gym to go to in hopes of pumping myself up, our health, a roof over our heads, food on the table, dreams, goals...the list could go on and on.

This past week, in particular, I've been feeling so tremendously blessed...even in my full-blown PMS state. Unusual for me. And, no, I haven't been taking any "happy pills" to foster this grateful attitude. For a few days now a post from an old friend new to blogging has been on my mind (I can't link directly to it, but it's the Thursday, January 10 post). I've known that my friend is a gifted, GIFTED writer, but this particular post struck a powerful chord in me. Read it, read it again, and then read it one more time. Let it sink in. Pay special attention to the poem. Be sure to click on the photo link. I summed it all up in my comment to my dear friend. You can check that out if you like, and, if this story has remotely affected you, you can comment, too.

And, finally, even if you're having the worst of days---give eternal thanks to whomever you believe in for the freedom you have to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want. Offer up thanks, too, for all of those who have defended our freedom in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Those women in Afghanistan would be happy to have one of our "worst" days, wouldn't you think?

God Bless the USA.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


I've finally learned my lesson. After 6 years of motherhood, I've learned that sometimes I actually AM a better mom when I've had a break from my precious offspring. Yes, it's taken me 6 years...I'm not necessarily a slow learner, because I've desired breaks from motherhood for a long time. It's the guilt. I feel sooooo guilty. Correction--I USED to feel guilty. Not anymore. I'm not sure if it's because my kids are older or because they love all 3 of our sitters or if they are just so secure in the fact that I love them beyond measure but sometimes I just need to get away...but the guilt is significantly less than it used to be.

So. Animesh has been out of town since Wednesday. Of course it would happen that three totally fun social events popped up after his trip was planned. In the past I would have politely declined each invitation and then sat home, becoming more resentful and being grumpy around my children. Nope. Not this time. THIS time I got me some babysitters. Yep, 3 different awesome, responsible girls (and even 2 on ONE day!). I am woman, hear me roar.

Thursday was our monthly neighborhood GNO (Girls Night Out). Delish meal at Cypress Grille in Boerne. Even better company and conversation. Nope, none of my pics turned out. Saturday morning was a rockin' photo shoot Maile set up for us Haute (Hot) Mamas. OMG. Amazingly fun to be pampered, made up, poofed, and posed into movie/rock stars. Totally ran out of the house without my camera. Visit Melody for a sneak peek.

I was headed home from the photo shoot Saturday afternoon when things got a little hairy.

These are pictures of my right front tire. Oh, yeah. HUGE blow out on IH-10...where 410 merges into it. Busy intersection? You might was CRAZY. My location on raceway IH10 was such that the shoulder was about 8 feet wide. The other side of my truck was next to a cement wall. I was stuck. And, by the looks of my tire, I couldn't very well make it to the next exit...which was sooooo close....

My friend, Angelia, was following me, and she slowed to help, but I encouraged her to drive on so both of us wouldn't be stuck in that crazy scene. Angels were watching over me because just as I pulled to the side of the road, a motorcycle cop and a FIRE ENGINE pulled up behind me to see if I was okay. But once they learned I had already contacted Onstar, the cop only offered me some encouraging words before zooming off. "Stay in your vehicle and buckle up in case you get hit." Nice. At least the firefighter was kind enough to put some flares out behind my truck before taking off.

So, there I was...praying fast and furiously...glaring at the cars that were missing me by inches as they sped past...shaking my humongous mommy-mobile...while my life flashed before my eyes. Angelia (via frequent phone calls to check on me) kept insisting that I stop looking out my mirror and read a magazine instead. I tried, but I just couldn't focus on the Southern Living article showcasing the newest hot spots to it in the south. And, oh, how I tried. The "Pop-a-lock" guy showed up (before the estimated 40 minute wait time, thank goodness), and my spare was on in no time flat--no pun intended. Even the "Pop-a-lock" guy said, "Thank goodness the flat is nearest the wall. I'd be road kill if I had to change a tire near the road."

Anyway, I made it home 2 hours later than planned, but the sitter was fine with it (yes, she got a hefty tip), and I still had time to get ready to head out to another fun social event...which, thankfully, was a pajama party dinner. Exactly what I needed.

Moral of the story? Look at the bright any scary, not-so-wonderful situation. I didn't hit anyone, no one hit me, it was a gorgeous sunny day, my angel on earth, Angelia, witnessed it all and kept a cellular watch over me, Mr. Pop-a-lock was fast and friendly, my babysitter didn't have anywhere to be, and the fiasco occurred AFTER the photo shoot so I didn't miss it. God was looking down on me for sure. As far as blow-outs are concerned, I'd say this one was a huge success. Wouldn't you agree?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Grody to the Max

No, my child is not grody. What he's EATING is grody. Gross. Ewww. I know there are plenty of you out there that like fried alligator, but not me. Angelia and Scott had us over for a fish fry this weekend. Totally fun. Watching my kids eat alligator? Not so fun. And, then, when Priya and Trevor actually liked it, my jaw dropped in disbelief. Poor Arnold. That's what I named the alligator after I saw the picture of Scott taking him down. Thanks, Melody, for capturing on film (or digital-land) Trevor trying something new. And, if he's not going to try a green veggie, at least it was a green alligator.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Ear infections are as common in our household as eating breakfast, messy play rooms, and sibling spats. Priya and Deven have grown up having multiple ear infections a year...Trevor has escaped the frequency but not the occurrence altogether. So, when our doc recommended a second set of tubes for Deven after having 3 infections in 2 months, we were not surprised and actually a little relieved. The chronic fluid build-up in Deven's ears were causing repeated "What, Mommy?" responses that made me question how much hearing loss he was experiencing.

Friday we got Deven out of OUR bed (where he ends up each morning...joining us faithfully around 3am) at 4am so that we could drive to the surgery center to "get his ears fixed." He was also having his adenoids removed which has proven to be more effective than merely another tube placement.

It broke my heart to wake up this sleeping angel.

Father and son...Deven was fine with getting his ears fixed as long as his pillow and new dino backpack could accompany him.

Deven walked into the surgery center waiting room and planted himself just like this. Couldn't even be bothered to take off his backpack.

Cuddling in the waiting room. Could've fallen fast asleep right there on the waiting room sofa.

Deven only started to get feisty when we asked him to put on the hospital gown...but, I mean, wouldn't you, too? Not exactly stylish duds...the nurse brought him a surprise--a plastic dinosaur (shown in his toes)--not even knowing how IN to dinos Deven is right now. It was a good bargaining tool. "Deven, we need to give your dino back if you don't put our gown on..." He fought the gown less when the nurse gave him the "happy" juice...although it had the reverse effect on Deven...making him kinda grumpy.

Not exactly a flattering shot of me, but any mother who has held their child like this, no matter what the age, can identify with how much my heart was swelling with love. Deven doesn't sit very still anymore at the ripe old age of 4 1/2, so I was savoring this moment...even though he was in a drug-induced state.

It was kind of funny to watch Deven eat the popsicle...he was still out of it and very sleepy, and with each attempt to put the popsicle in his mouth, he would miss and swipe his cheek. Mommy helped guide it a bit.

We are praying that this surgery minimizes any chance of more ear infections for our baby Deven (a nickname given to him when he was born but has now stuck). As of this morning he is still suffering from side effects (feeling stuffed up, headache, throat sore from the breathing tube during surgery). Hopefully, he'll be back to his jokester self soon. Although we're certainly not lacking entertainment in our household with Trevor around.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bye-Bye, Birdie

The day we returned home from Dallas we had unexpected company. I opened up the back door, forgetting that the once uninhabited bird's nest above the door now had a couple of tenants. Unbeknownst to me, one of the birds zoomed inside our house. I heard Trevor yell from the play room, "Birdie inside!" Animesh and I stared in disbelief as the little bird fluttered and sputtered inside Trevor's bedroom. Initially all I could think of was how I learned in nursing school that birds are one of the dirtiest creatures around. Then I relaxed and started laughing hysterically when Animesh tried to gently guide the bird outside--while chasing it around the house with a broom.

The bird's first stop? The play room where she perched on one of the paper star lanterns.

Then she flew into the kitchen and landed on top of our cabinets.

By far the favorite landing spot for all of us was when she perched herself on top of the star on the Christmas tree.

She ended up here...sitting on our front door ledge which was swung WIDE OPEN to reveal the great outdoors. She didn't even realize how close she was to freedom, poor thing. After about 5 minutes she flew right out the door and, hopefully, back to her family.

Is there any old wives tale mentioning what it means if a bird flies into your house? Like I'm going to win the lottery? I'll have to google that and see. I'll let you know what I find. :)

Friday, January 4, 2008

Out with the old...

...and in with the new. We celebrated the arrival of 2008 in Dallas while managing to just lay low and cherish some much needed down time. I snuck in a fun day with my BFF from high school, Vanessa (lunch and shopping), and Animesh and I spent New Year's Day alone (lunch and shopping...are you seeing a trend here?). The kids relished every single moment of Dadi/Dadu time in their big new house.

Some highlights included celebrating ANOTHER Christmas (aren't you just digging that tiny little tree and my tiny little Trevor doin' his own thing?)...

..engaging in some yoga stretching exercises with Dadu...

...and braving one heck of a chilly morning at the neighborhood park for some fresh air and exercise. Man, it was cold that day.

While the grandparents stayed with the kids, Animesh and I enjoyed a delish ADULTS ONLY early dinner on New Year's Eve with his cousin and wife (hooray for LOBSTER!). Then we returned home to ring in 2008 with the 3 little Indians and their cousins, who were already in the midst of their own innocent, playful celebration. Priya and Daddy made it to midnight. Mommy and the boys did not.

So, allow me to make a toast:

Here's to a new year and new beginnings...making changes where we need to in order to better ourselves, taking chances, living exuberantly, and celebrating every single day--recognizing that we are given a fresh start with each new sunrise. Cheers!