Sunday, June 28, 2009

Birthday Boy

It's been awhile, I know. I still have my trip to Ohio to's taking me a long time to edit and sift through the 150 or so pictures I took over a 72 hour period. My friend, Jeanne, called me a shutterbug. While I'm certainly not a professional by any means, I suppose the name "shutterbug" is an accurate one.

So, until the slide show is done...let's celebrate my baby turning 4 today.

What a character this one is. I often forget how young he is because he's wise beyond his years thanks to the wisdom imparted to him by his older siblings. Yet when the time calls for it he'll play the "baby" card right on cue...just in time to melt my heart (or his daddy's, or his sister's, or his brother's....).

It's been a little sad to see how quickly Trevor has grown up. Having 2 older siblings meant that he jumped right over Sesame Street and Baby Einstein videos--and straight into Power Rangers, High School Musical, and the Jonas Brothers.

We have a running joke in our house. Trevor will do something so hysterical, and Animesh or I will ask him where we got him. One time he declared matter-of-factly, "from the zoo, of course." One time he told us we got him from Home Depot (Daddy liked that one). And just today he told me I got him from Disney World. Like I said...he's a character alright.

This song is one of the themes of our San Antonio Spurs basketball team. Our basketball-loving Trevor can bust a move like nobody's business when he hears this. This one is for you, birthday boy. We love you to the moon and back.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

If I'm known for one thing, it's my goofiness. I'm not sure my friends comprehend just how goofy I am because my true, innermost goofiness surfaces only in the privacy of our home. For example, I never know when the mood might strike and I'll feel the need to leap across the kitchen floor while opera singing a Jonas brothers song. And it's totally random when I'll feel the urge to shake my groove thang in front of the TV while the kids are really into a movie. Sadly, I've realized that my goofiness is now standard to them because instead of laughing at me...they'll just whine, "Mooom! Please move out of the way! We can't see the Teee-VEEEE!"

Regardless, I was so thrilled (and quite proud) when I found these on Priya's camera a couple weeks ago. She was apparently bored at some point and decided to follow in Mom's footsteps by taking self-portraits. She cracks me up. Talk about goofy. She truly is her mother's daughter.

I just love this little girl who is growing up way too fast for my liking.

Speaking of girls having fun...this week I'm headed to Columbus, Ohio---ALONE!---to see my nearly 90-year-old grandmother. What's also cool about Columbus is that it's where Animesh and I spent our first year of marriage while he did a fellowship. Can't wait to see the ole' condo we used to call home.

Then Jeanne (see previous post about the triathlon) is meeting me in Columbus, and we'll drive to Cincinatti to see our dear friend, Catherine. Cannot wait. Especially exciting is the chance to meet blogger friend, Heather! Can you say, "bloggable moments????"

I'm giddy with excitement about flying by myself, staying in a hotel by myself, SHOWERING by myself! And to have 3 full days of giggling and goofiness with some of my dearest peeps...well...I think it's safe to say that these girls are gonna be havin' some serious fun.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Keep Austin Wierd

That's the unofficial motto for Austin. Keep Austin Wierd. I did witness a few wierd moments while visiting Austin this past weekend (an almost drunken brawl, for example), but it hasn't changed my opinion about the city. With the exception of the traffic (ugh, the TRAFFIC!), I heart Austin. The edginess. The live music in every restaurant and coffee house. And the Danskin triathlon. Awesome.

This year I had very simple goals at the triathlon. Don't drown. Don't wreck the bike. Don't twist an ankle while running. I didn't train as hard as I did last year. So all I wanted to do is beat my time. Even if it was only by a few seconds. In spite of the chain coming off my bike...twice...I was able to do just that. Four minutes faster than last year. Two minutes off my swim. A minute off my bike and a minute off my run. Cool.

Here's the slide show if you're interested. The girl in the pictures with the grin from ear to ear is me. Happy to have accomplished my goal. And ready to do it again next year.

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Triathlon was a blast and a success.  I beat my time from last year...under 2 hours was the goal and it was achieved.   While nothing can top last year's experience (my first), this year was almost as amazing.

Until I get the triathlon slide show up and running, enjoy this hee-larious account of how men's brains are different from women's brains.  So incredibly funny.  And so incredibly true.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Slow Day for News

Jun 4, 2009
Name tag reading

Such a fascinating story. If your name is Jennifer. I can't believe this was the headline when I opened up Yahoo. Definitely a slow day for news.

Headed to Austin tomorrow. Triathlon is Sunday morning...7am.

And, like the song says...I'll be reaching for something in the distance. So close I can almost taste it.

The finish line.

Wish me luck.

Monday, June 1, 2009

A-MAY-zingly Busy Month

I had no idea that any other month could be as busy as the month of December. I was totally caught off guard this year by the craziness that was the month of May. My head spun for most of those 31 days...they were filled with so much busyness---but so many wonderful memories. Beware...picture overload ahead. And, I have no idea how to get this underlining off my text. Oh, well.

First day of May was Deven's first Bike Rodeo.
And my second year of co-chairing the event.
He had a blast.
Priya missed this due to illness.

On May 5th celebrated our Cinco de Mayo baby.

May 7th found Animesh and I getting all gussied up for the hospital's
Medical Miracles Gala. This year's guest of honor was a 9 year old boy
whose family was hit straight on by a drunk driver.
The doctors thought Nicholas would never make it.
He proved them wrong by walking himself onto the stage that night...
leaving all of us with tears streaming down our faces.

Deven is all grins as he attends the
Cub Scout's Bridging ceremony.
He is thrilled to become a Tiger Cub Scout.

Deven performs the Tooty-Ta dance at the
Kindergarten Family Night program.
He's quite the entertainer.

In mid-May Priya and Deven's amazing art teacher
hosted an Art Show to display the beautiful pieces her
students had created. So much fun.
The kids loved showcasing their art.
We're looking a little ragged since we arrived
straight from the swimming pool
(and without a comb to straighten our hair).

Later in the month Priya and her 1st grade friends
bridged over (literally) from being a Daisy Scout
to becoming a Brownie.

Priya and the girls were each greeted by
their new Brownie Troop Leader---me.

The last week of May was a whirlwind of activity.
Career Day was on the 26th, so Daddy visited
Priya's class to tell them all about
being a "bone doctor."
He did a really great job talking on their level,
and the kids thought it was so cool whenever he
mentioned something gross.

May 28th was Trevor's Preschool program.
Although there are many other (clearer)pictures
of Trevor, this grainy one is my absolute favorite.
He and his BFF, Barrett, share a cute moment
on stage as they sing.
Love it.

After Trevor's program, he joined me at Priya and Deven's school
as I helped with their End-of-Year Water Party.
A fabulous time was had by all.

Later that evening, I topped of an incredibly busy
day by hanging out with girlfriends
at a fun Girl's Night Out.

Showing off my self-portrait skills.

The last day of school.
I cannot believe it...Deven is a Kindergarten grad.
For some reason, our school doesn't have a big ceremony,
but one of the MANY reasons I love Deven's Kinder teacher
was because she wanted to have an
impromptu celebration in the classroom.

While I was apprehensive at first, I am SO glad
Priya and I joined some of her scout troop
at this fun event:
Missions Baseball Game followed by
camping out on the field afterwards.

Exhausting, yes.
But, the memories are totally worth it.

After arriving home yesterday, Priya and I crashed for about 3 hours
(not a whole lot of sleeping going on at that party...).
When we woke up, the family went to see what I think is
one of the most heartwarming movies ever.
Turn my music off to hear the trailer.

So, after a month like ours, today, June 1st, is officially JAMMIE DAY. Good thing....because I'm feeling under the weather. Which is a total bummer given I've got a triathlon on Sunday. I'm not too concerned, though...I felt the exact same way this time last year just before the tri. I'm counting on the adrenaline rush to see me through on Sunday morning.

Thank goodness it's summertime!