Monday, January 24, 2011

The Last 34 Days

I can't be sure, but this might be my longest blogging dry spell yet.  I've thought about posting something here and there, but the inspiration never sticks around for too long.  The lack of blogging certainly has nothing to do with the lack of activity around these parts.  Because there has been lots of activity.  Let me see what memories I can extract from my nearly 41-year old brain....

In the last 34 days:

...we celebrated the birth of our Christ and rung in 2011 with sweet friends.  

...we have had more jammie days than I can count thanks to Christmas holidays and 4-day weekends (yes, we've already had a 4 day weekend). a result of those jammie days each member of the family has perfected a Wii sport.  Daddy, golf.  Deven, basketball.  Priya, sword fighting.  Trevor, baseball.  And me?  Well, archery, of course. 

...I have knit 5 scarves from start to finish.  Priya has knit 2.

...I have NOT taken my Christmas tree down.  :) 

...Deven turned into a mean Scrabble opponent.

...Daddy cleaned out the garage.  Amen.  And amen.

...the kids and I have watched our new favorite movie, "Despicable Me," so many times ("oh yeah!") that we can quote entire scenes at the dinner table.  Driving Daddy absolutely insane ("not cool.")  Maybe Daddy will have a brilliant idea ("light bulb") and hide the movie from us.  Because we are out of control ("booyah!").

...I've cooked more meals at home.

...I've spent more days at home while the kids are in school.  Getting things accomplished.

...I joined the gym again.  Because after a triathlon-drought last year, there are races to be raced in this year.  I'm aiming for 4. hair has finally grown out enough to be put in a pony-tail--albeit a messy one at that.  Pony-tails are saving me from whacking it all off (again).   Yea!

...we have cheered on our San Antonio Spurs at many games as they work to win another championship!  GO SPURS GO!

...we have cheered on Deven as he began his basketball season.  Number 8.  The age he turns in May.  I think I am going to cry.

...our family grew by 8 feet.  Meet Linus & Lucy...our little brother & sister Shih-poos.  They are precious.  They keep us on our toes.  But they sure do bring a whole lotta love to our family.

They joined our family December 24th, and the kids have been on cloud 9 ever since.  They love to keep each other company and don't annoy big beagle brother Spridle.  Too much.

Basically, the last 34 days I have made a concerted effort to focus on my 2011 Word of the Year:  Peace.  Like the quote says above in the margin...peace doesn't mean that my life...our lives...will always be quiet or calm or organized or easy.  Peace means to be in the middle of the craziness...and still be quiet and calm in my heart.  Knowing that it's all good in the 'hood.

Because it really is.